What’s included with each template?

HTML files, stylesheets, and all supporting images and JS assets. All of our website templates are written entirely in HTML5 and CSS3 and bootstrap. No tables are used for the layout or styling in any of the website templates. This combination of HTML5 and CSS3 ensures that the websites are forward compatible, quick loading and easily customisable. All of our templates are tested across all modern desktop browsers, mobile platforms (including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8).

Do I need to know HTML and CSS?

You’ll need at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to get the most out of our templates. If you’ve never worked with either of these before don’t worry – there are plenty of excellent resources out there to help you get started:

Or if you have and you just need to brush up on your skills a bit:

What should I use to work with these templates?

Pretty much any text editor will do the trick (yes, even Notepad if you’re a Windows user). However, a dedicated code editor will make your life much, much easier:

And while not entirely necessary, it doesn’t hurt to have a decent image editor around to deal with anything image-related that might come up:

What it is the Licence of the images you are using on a template?

All images are taken from http://pixabay.com/. You can read about the licence of the images from here http://pixabay.com/en/service/faq/.

How do I get contact forms to actually work?

The simplest way to go is Formspree, which is an awesome (free) service that’s quick to set up and doesn’t require any additional JS or server-side code to work. Alternatively, if you’d rather host the form’s code on your own server (and it supports PHP), these tutorials will walk you through the process:

Premium Access Plans

How much is a plan?

Plans start at $19 for a 3 month subscription. You can also pick up longer plans that pack a slightly better deal ($29 for 6 months, or $49 for 12 months). All plans are non-recurring and won’t renew automatically, allowing you to renew at your convenience (and even switch to a different plan if you like). Prices are in US dollars.

What does each plan include?

Download access to all of our templates (which includes a license to use anything you download), access to any new templates we release, and email support if you get stuck or need help with something.

How can I pay?

Via PayPal or with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club). All credit card transactions are securely processed via 2checkout and we do not store card information.

Can I really keep using anything I’ve downloaded even if I decide not to renew my premium subscription?

Absolutely. Subscriptions are only needed for continued access to downloads, new releases and support. If at any point you decide you don’t need those you can simply let your subscription expire and keep using anything you’ve already downloaded (in accordance with our license  of course).

I’m a student or non-profit organization. Are there any discounts available?

Possibly. We don’t have any formal discount arrangements in place but hey, we’re pretty flexible, so send us an email and we’ll see what we can work out.

If I run into a problem, how do I get help?

Just email us. One of us will get back to you.

Premium Access Plans License

What am I allowed to do with Premium Access Plans License once I’ve downloaded templates?

Quite a bit. Our Premium Access Plans license doesn’t put a limit on how many sites you can build with a given template, and that also extends to sites you build for your clients (if that’s something you happen to do). So to summarize, you can:

  • Use them to build as many of your own sites as you like.
  • Use them to build as many sites for your clients as you like (and for however many clients).
  • Continue doing all of the above even if you choose not to renew your subscription.

What am I NOT allowed to do with these templates?

While our license is pretty flexible we do have to draw the line somewhere. We define that “somewhere” as “anything that may negatively impact what we’re doing here”, so that includes (but is not limited to):

  • Reselling them or giving them away (modified or unmodified).
  • Building derivative works based on them (eg. converting them to themes for a CMS) and attempting to resell or give those away.
  • Including them as part of an online site builder.
  • Bundling them with another product or service and selling or giving that away.

Please see our license for the exact licensing verbiage. If you’re not sure if your particular use case is permitted, please get in touch.

My Premium subscription expired. Does the license still apply?

Yup. So long as you use our templates in accordance with its terms, your license remains completely valid even if your subscription expires.

Free Site License:

CC 4.0 All of the site templates we create for HTML5Load are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

What am I allowed to do with these once I’ve downloaded them?

  • You can use our templates for both personal and commercial projects.
  • You are NOT allowed to remove the back-link to HTML5Load .com in templates unless you purchased a Premium Access Plans license.
  • You can update /modify/customize the website to fit your project needs.
  • You cannot claim credit or ownership for any of the files found on html5load.com.
  • You cannot redistribute, resell, license, or sub-license any of the files found on html5load.com.

Do I have to link to, credit, or mention Html5load anywhere on the sites I build with these templates?

It depends on your license types. If you have a Premium Access Plan License, then you do not have to link to, credit, or mention Html5load anywhere on the sites you  build with these templates. On the contrary, if you use our Free Site License, You must have to link to, credit, or mention Html5load anywhere on the sites you build with these templates.

I’d like to remove the ‘design by HTML5Load link. Can I do this?

If you would like to remove the ’design by HTML5Load‘ link from the footer of a template / website, all we ask to have a Premium Access Plan License according to your need. You must also contact us with the URL of the site that will not be displaying the ‘design by HTML5Load’ link. This is to ensure that we do not contact you in the future asking you why you have removed the ‘design by HTML5Load’ link.

What is your Refund Policy?

HTML5Load gives you the opportunity for downloading all templates for Free. You can download all templates and use them before purchasing any premium license. So, if you want to ask a full refund, you should never download any pro template from member area. If you download any premium template, we will not issue refund.

Given the nature of downloadable digital items, we do not generally offer refunds or credits on a purchase unless required by applicable law. If you would like to request a refund, HTML5Load will consider your request and may issue you a refund at HTML5Load ‘s sole discretion. In the event a refund is issued, you shall immediately discontinue use of any downloaded templates as the HTML5Load License Agreement and your right to use them will immediately terminate upon the issuance of a refund. Any payment made to you will be made in US Dollars.

Can you Customize the a Template for me?

Yes, We are available for customize my templates. It will cost you $70 USD for replacing images, text and color changing. Contact with us for more information